Expert Relief with Wisdom & Tooth Extractions

Smiling girl with several missing teeth giving thumbs up after tooth extractions

Dr. Peng’s husband, Dr. Louie, is a certified periodontist, which means he’s an expert who specializes in treating gum disease as well as extracting teeth and placing dental implants. With his eye for detail and gentle approach to dental care, he’s the perfect person to address a painful or extra tooth with a simple, smooth-sailing extraction. While we will always try to preserve your little one’s smile at all costs, there are some cases in which a tooth extraction in Prosper may be necessary for your child.

Why Choose Little Penguin Pediatric Dentistry for Children’s Tooth Extractions?

  • In-House Extractions Provided by Periodontist
  • Comfortable Care with Dental Sedation
  • Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointments

When Are Children's Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Girl in dental office holding a cold compress to her cheek

Dr. Peng’s top priority is to treat and rebuild damaged and infected teeth, but in these cases, the best option may be a tooth extraction:

  • Wisdom teeth (third molars) are growing in and causing pain, or there’s not enough room for them in the mouth.
  • A baby tooth that has become severely damaged, isn’t repairable, or presents with an abscess
  • Crowding has been caused by too many teeth, and in order to undergo successful orthodontic treatment, your child needs a tooth extracted.